The benefits of digital TV can be summarised as follows:

Better quality TV
Digital TV – enabled by a Set Top Box (STB) - offers a sharper, brighter picture, with reduced “ghosting” and interference. What’s more, the audio signal is much clearer, so you enjoy improved sound quality.

More choice
Because digital signals take up much less bandwidth than analogue signals, we can broadcast up to 10 television channels in the same bandwidth - giving you the potential of many more channels to choose from.

Government’s Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy encourages more public services channels for youth, women, education and eGovernment services.

For the first time, you will be able to access many free-to-air TV channels that you can select simply by using the remote and the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG).

More access
The secret to universal access lies in the STB that receives the digital signal (which TV sets cannot read) and converts it to an analogue signal for your TV. 
The STB is actually an incredible communications device, in that it has a return path capability and will also have the capability to interface with devices such as a cellphone, memory stick or internet modem. 

This sets the stage for the envisaged implementation of e-government services and access to basic internet services and digital information – a massive benefit for those whose access was formerly limited by distance, physical challenges and cost.