All around the world, the migration to digital broadcast transmission technology has begun. Countries already advanced in their migration programmes are France, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden and New Zealand.
In Finland and Mauritius, the analogue switch-off has already been done.

In Europe and Africa, a timeline has been agreed within the framework of an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) treaty. After June 2015 analogue television transmissions will no longer be protected from harmful interference caused by digital TV transmissions. Analogue TV transmissions will not be permitted to interfere with digital TV transmissions.

South Africa will be a market leader in the mass roll-out of MPEG4 compression (the technology of choice for digital transmission). The only other country to have rolled out this advanced technology is New Zealand with a population of just 5-million people. Other countries are in the planning stage for MPEG4 digital, whereas South Africa is already in the trial phase and well on its way to implementation.