Good news is, you don't have to buy a new TV! You may use your existing TV set to watch the digital channels.

However, you will need to purchase a Set Top Box (STB), which plugs straight into theTV sets, either via the aerial connection point for older TV sets, or via RCA/AV points of the newer TV sets. The STB receives the digital signal and decodes it so that it can be viewed on an analogue TV set.

Please note that STBs are not available on the market as yet as final specifications and trials of the equipment and signal is still taking place. STBs should be available to the public during the first half of 2010. Watch the press for details.


  • Even the latest 'digital ready' and high definition TVs on the market will need a STB to receive the digital terrestrial signal.
  • The digital signal will not be transmitted via satellite transmission, but using existing terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure. DStv subscribers will continue to receive the existing and some free-to-air channels. If you wish to receive all the new Digital TV free-to-air services, you will have to buy a DTT Set Top Box.

To make sure that the technology works perfectly across the board, it is important that you purchase an approved STB that conforms fully with the specifications stipulated by the SABS. Look for the special logo with the tick of approval on every STB. This mark is your guarantee that your STB conforms to ALL software and manufacturing specifications (see Go Digital tick top left of your screen).

For any other queries related to going digital, call the Go Digital Contact Centre on 0800 46 3444 (GO DIGI).