The Digital Dzonga is an Advisory Council established by the Department of Communications (DoC), dedicated to making the migration from an analogue broadcasting platform to a digital one as smooth and easy as possible for all South Africans, in line with Government’s Broadcasting Digital Migration Policy.

The Digital Dzonga is a non-executive body appointed by the Minister of Communications from nominations received from government, the regulator, industry, consumer bodies and the general public, following a call for members of the public to nominate. It interacts with ICASA, role-players and the DoC throughout the process on all matters relating to digital migration.

The Digital Dzonga is involved in every aspect of the Digital Migration, equipping stakeholders with the necessary skills and information required for the transition.

It coordinates the efforts of government, broadcasters and equipment manufacturers, educates South Africans about how digital TV works and protects consumers’ rights by regulating the supply and distribution of the new technology.
It also regulates technical support systems for consumers and addresses conformance issues.

The Digital Dzonga is funded by government through the Department of Communications.